Automate your global Business

Supply chain can be the biggest cost and hurdle in cross border commerce. Atominc has a well established infrastructure of warehouses, shipping contracts and logistics licenses to enable products and brands reach its global customers.

Cargo Insurance

Every single Sku is insured starting from our local warehouse till its delivered to the end clients. All inclusive.

Freight Sea / Air

Based on your requirement our team offers the most efficient and cost effective solution for your product to reach its destination.

Door to Door

We take away your worries the moment we receive your cargo at our warehouse. Till the final sale of the product we provide complete transparency of your product journey cycle.

Custom Clearance

Custom clearance at the origin and at the destination is processed by an expert team that understand the fine nuances of cross border transaction in regulation with national and international laws.

VAT Compliance

On arrival of goods at the port of sales. Atom inc ensures all products are VAT or tax compliant, for them to be legally sold in that country. Many countries in Europe require a local VAT filing. For eg: You goods can be sold through out Europe via Germany. In that case the vat of your products will be collected by the German regulatory bodies.

Reverse Logistics

Returns, rejected and damaged skus are carefully sorted. They are then examined and repackaged if necessary to be added back in the inventory. If any inventory is left behind for more than six months, they can be returned back to the country of origin. There is also an option of liquidation of dead inventory which is costing you storage charges.

Automate Invoicing

Sign Up with AtomInc and outsource what a lot of global sellers have to deal with themselves. We take care of the invoicing for all your global sales through our account.